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    Pastor Connie Moore was born August 19,1965 in Crawfordsville, Arkansas. He is the eighth of ten children born to Rholly and Annie Moore.  In May of 1984, Pastor Moore graduated from Crawfordsville High School.

    In August of 1985, Pastor Moore married Marilyn L. Moore. They were blessed with four children: Korrenzo, Karmen, Kourtney, and Kobi Moore.  Pastor Moore received the Lord Jesus as his personal savior in August of 1983.  In may of 1988, Pastor Moore accepted his calling to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In August of 1990, he became the pastor of Mt. Moriah M. B. Church in Colt, Arkansas.

    Pastor Moore attended United Christian Achievement Network Inc. School of Preaching, where he received a certificate in Theology 1 & 2, Leadership, New Testament Survey, and Old Testament Survey.  He also attended the Stephen Olford School of Preaching in Memphis, TN.  There, he received a certificate of completion Expository Preaching 1.  During his fifteenth year of leadership,  Pastor Moore brought forth Insite Ministries Inc., a 501C3 non-profit organization to the community of Colt, Arkansas.  This program offered summer enrichment, after-school tutorials, and community collaboration.  In addition, God has birthed many ministries in our church; Couples, Youth, Bondage to Deliverance Substance Abuse, Deliverance  under Construction Prison, Singles and Saved, Women's and Men's Ministries.

    In the original church building, Pastor Moore and his congregation paid of its original debt, expanded the size of the church, purchased new furniture, and a new church van..  This was done in the year 2002.  Through much hard work, all the the debt was paid in full.  The church was blessed with a wellness center, a fully functional  cardio room, a strength training room, and  an aerobic room to give all church members the opportunity to to work their body to keep their health in tact.

    In 2006,  Pastor Moore received a vision from from God to move the church from 1013 Hwy 306 West Colt, AR to 4986 Hwy 1 North Caldwell, AR.  Through the blessings of  God, Mt. Moriah M. B. Churched purchased Caldwell Elementary School and transformed it into the Greater Mt. Moriah M. B. Church, where they now reside. In October 2008, Pastor Moore was consecrated and ordained for the office of  Bishop.

    Because of his dedication to God and his church, Bishop Moore has received many  accomplishments and awards.  The include: Pastor of the Year Award (twice), Church of the Year Award by the Heritage Gala.  He attended Arkansas State University Regional Leaders Program.  Bishop Moore serves on many boards such as:  East Arkansas Family Health (chairman), Earle School Board of Education (secretary), St. Francis County Community Develop Corporation (chairman), East Arkansas Adoption  Coalition (vice chairman).  Bishop and First Lady Moore is Committed to the work of God, perfecting the saints, working the ministry, and edifying the body of Christ.